Friday, September 14, 2012

Effects of Over Exercising: How Much is Too Much?

Effects of Over Exercising

Have you ever see the TV show "Obsessed"? I'm not talking about the movie starring Beyonce, I mean the TV show about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) destroying people's lives.
People joke about OCD all the time, but when it's this severe, it can disintegrate relationships and completely control a person's thoughts and life.
I just watched an episode featuring a 35 year-old woman named Cindee living in Wisconsin with her husband and five children. She was so obsessed with exercising, that with the exception of the births of her children, she did not miss one single day of exercise in fifteen years.
Fifteen years straight with no rest! And on top of that, she restricted herself of food and in the past had gone days without eating at all. She only ate one meal a day, alone, between 2 and 3 in the morning.
Her entire family was suffering the effects of over exercising. Her five children had never seen her eat, and she had never sat down to dinner with her family because she was on the treadmill. She put two of young boys on the couch next to her treadmill so they could watch TV while she exercised, and she could still keep an eye on them. Her oldest daughter expressed that she feared for her mother's life and was terrified she would lose her early.

As a Beachbody coach, I promote exercise all the time. However, let me be clear.

There is a big difference between healthy living with exercise and being so obsessed that you cause Effects of Over Exercising.

When I help people get fit, I also help them get healthy. People can become addicted to working out. However, we teach them how to live a healthy lifestyleincluding eating cleanly and working out WITH a rest period, avoiding the effects of over exercising.

How do you know if you're over doing it? Check out these Effects of Over Exercising:

  1. You can mess up your body's chemical balance, causing a gateway for other health problems and stress on your immune system
  2. You can start to look older than you are. That's right, bring on the wrinkles. Your body ups its cortisol and pro-inflammatory chemicals when you over exercise, which causes tissue damage early aging.
  3. You can get sick easier. While exercise can keep you healthy and prevent diseases, too much exercise can do the opposite. It can subdue your immune system, making you more vulnerable to contract illness.
  4. You can get tons of unpleasant physical symptoms. These include more susceptibility to to natural elements such as cold or heat, dehydration, fatigue, chronic muscle soreness, insomnia, appetite loss, pain in the upper left side of the body, headaches, prolonged recovery and/or feeling more exhausted finishing a workout than before it, increased morning heart rate, decrease in performance, coordination loss, sudden lightheadedness/dizziness and/or fainting, gastrointestinal issues, and skeletal injuries such as fractures and shin splints.
  5. You can get tons of unpleasant mental and emotional symptoms.  For example, like Cindee above, who felt she couldn't get enough exercise, her workouts robbed her of time with her family, and not working out caused her such anxiety she cried and shook with fear. You could also begin feeling depressed, have lowered self-esteem, concentration problems, and you could ignore you body's symptoms telling you it's time to stop.
  6. If you're a female, you can stop menstruating (amenorrhea)While most of us would be jumping for joy over the loss of our monthly inconvenience, the negative side is that it can affect fertility. It can also cause estrogen deficiency, leading to a whole mess of other problems, like ovarian cysts and bone density loss.
And more. As you can see, over doing it and over working your body can cause a slew of negative repercussions that you don't want for your body and your health. I'm all for being healthy, but please, please take care of yourself and beware of these effects of over exercising.

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