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I have recently changed the theme and title of my blog. It used to be "Long Island Girl," mostly because I couldn't think of a better name. I haven't been updating in a while, and I realized it's because I wanted to keep content fresh and didn't think I had anything blog-worthy to say. I've now made some modifications, as I want to be more focused and write about my journey to a healthier lifestyle, weight loss, and muscle gain. That's where the "Fitness" part comes in. My life also largely revolves around American Sign Language and the Deaf community; hence, the "ASL" part.

Sometimes this blog will be about my fitness journey, and sometimes it will be about my life involving ASL. Sometimes it will be neither.  Simply put, all I can tell you is this blog will be a collection of fitness adventures and information, random thoughts, ideas, life events, Freeky Friday posts, writing prompts, and whatever else I decide to type out/rant about/express out loud.  So, if that's something you'd fancy reading, I welcome you!  If not, well... sorry.  =)  Enjoy!

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