Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's Never Too Late

Did your New Year's Resolutions fall by the wayside? Maybe you started off great, but tapered off. Tired of starting over with your health and fitness? It's never too late. Working out and eating healthy now = looking fit and sexy by summer!
I am looking for 15 people for an exclusive test group who are tired of starting over, or who are ready to finally just start and put all excuses aside. We'll do this together. You deserve this!

Here's what you will receive:
✔The complete workout program
✔Bonus workout DVD
✔Customizable meal plan to your wants/needs
✔Portion-controlled containers
✔30 day supply of Shakeology (it contains no soy, corn, sucralose or any artificial sweetener... if that's in your shake, you're drinking cheap fillers, crap and chemicals!)
✔FREE shaker cup
✔A spot in my next accountability group
✔Me as your coach the whole way through for support!

If you're interested in being a part of this group and committing to yourself for once, let's do this!
Send me a message, or comment below with "I'M READY" and send me a friend request HERE. Make sure to send me a message with your friend request so we can connect!
We will work together to come up with a set plan that will help you hit your goals in 2015!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Gray Does Not Equal Old

It's happened.

I just discovered my first pigmentally-challenged (yes, I just made that up) hair.

It's gray, people. There I was, sitting in my car, looking into the mirror attached to the sun visor, when it popped out at me from behind my ear.

I thought it may have been a reflection of the light. Even though my hair is naturally pretty dark, I get some strands of lighter brown and even a few blondes mixed in, which can be seen more easily in direct light.

But, nope... this one was definitely gray. Maybe even silver... white, almost.

Most people would begin the freak-out process and have a mild panic attack. Some people pluck them out, some begin to dye their hair when more grays appear. But not me.

Okay, I just lied to you. I did pluck it out. But it was to get a closer look to confirm if it was actually gray or not because of the lighting situation I just described. I promise.

Anyway... there was no mental breakdown or ballistic-like behaviors being exhibited. There was no shortness of breath, or eye-widening, or sobbing. My composure was nowhere near being lost. I felt more surprised than anything, though I'm not sure why. I suppose I simply wasn't expecting to see it. Do we ever anticipate it? Probably not.

Here's the thing. Gray hair is hair that has lost its pigmentation because the follicle from which it has grown has stopped producing melanin. That's it. If you don't believe me, look it up. Go ahead... I'll wait.

Everyone sees the results of this lack of pigmentation at different ages, and it's just because of genetics. If I ask my mother, I'm sure she would tell me it was around the same age I am now that she noticed her first gray hairs as well. In fact, I distinctly recall her favorite story to tell: that she had only three gray hairs for the longest time. One for my brother, one for me, and one for my dad. My parents separated when I was two, which would make her 28 at the time. Right on the money. Everyone also sees the results of this lack of pigmentation in different stages. After seeing the first few, that same person could take decades for their hair to turn fully gray, silver, or white. My mom dyes her hair now, as quite a few more than the first three have emerged. However, if she didn't (read: when her roots grow out), it could be seen that she is far from total grayscale, 25 years later.

Science aside, I understand the emotions behind the freak outs. Gray hair is a symbol of aging. I'm old! Only old people have gray hair! And aging, unfortunately, is looked down upon in our society. Youth is idolized, glorified, something to maintain as long as our pockets are big enough to support it with cosmetic procedures galore: Botox, face lifts, nose jobs, eyelid lifts, teeth whitening, etc., etc., etc. People buy their way to youth, even long past its expiration date.

Aging is natural. We all do it. We're all doing it right now, this very second. And it's okay. The number of years that have accumulated since you've been born is irrelevant. The old cliche comes into play here: Age is just a number. It's all about how you feel. And I feel that this gray hair symbolizes nothing more than the very real science behind why it's gray in the first place.

I'm sure someone reading this is thinking, Well, if you don't care about it at all why are you writing an entire blog post about it? Because there's more to it than just, "It's how you feel on the inside that counts!"

We, as a society, revere youth and reject senescence. But why? Why do we care so much about how we look rather than about what we do? Perhaps it's because we fear death, and aging means we're closer to it. Perhaps we're really all just vain, superficial beings. Whatever the reason, I choose not to live that way.

I like who I am. Loving myself as I am allows me to be happier with who I am, with the people around me, and in general. It also allows me to change for the better more easily. I believe in personal development and improvement of self, and, for me, that improvement doesn't include drinking from the Fountain of Youth. This isn't Tuck Everlasting.

The first gray... it's okay. I don't suddenly feel ancient. The world didn't end. I don't feel any older than I was five seconds before I saw it. I plan to embrace the next one, as it just means I'm even more badass than I was before.

Besides, it could be worse. At least I'm not balding, right? 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shakeology Samples

Okay, you've heard me rave about Shakeology for a while now. You're probably like, "Shut up already, would you?" Or, maybe you're thinking, "What's so great about this stuff, anyway?" Well, great question.

You can see some testimonials here. You can listen to me ramble about all the benefits it has given me; like higher energy, aiding in weight loss, stronger hair and nails, regularity, curbing my cravings, saving me money, the convenience of one less meal to think about making myself...

Or, you can try Shakeology for yourself and see what the hype is all about (including the brand new Vanilla Shakeology! Umm, YUM!). Yep, try it before you buy a full month's supply.

If you decide to be a daredevil -- you little Evel Knievel, you -- and go for the full size right away, you can still get a full refund. Even if you drink the entire bag. It's called the Bottom of the Bag Guarantee. You can drink Shakeology for the full month, down to the very last granule of powder, and if you still aren't convinced, you can send the empty bag back for a full refund. How awesome is that?

If you don't want to go that route, you can still opt for the individual Shakeology samples first. Step 1: head to this website, and create your free account by clicking "Join." Step 2: Use the PayPal button here to select your flavor options and make your payment. Once I confirm you have done both, your samples will be sent out to you and you will receive a confirmation email. Oh, and did I mention free shipping?

Important: To speed the confirmation process, please use the same name on your free account as your PayPal account or shipping address (your screen name can be whatever you like).

That's it! Then sit back, sip up, and enjoy! Oh, and along with your samples, you will receive recipe ideas to make your Shakeology taste even better. You can make a different recipe every day if you choose. Let the deliciousness ensue!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Lost It

Well, hello there! It's been a while! 

For my renewal post, I'm participating in Mama Kat's Weekly Writing Prompts. Each week, we are given a choice between five prompts to write a post about. This week, I've chosen number 4: The last thing you lost.

For Christmas this past year, my mom bought me one of the most highly requested items on my list: a FitBit One. 

If you’ve never heard of a FitBit, it is a little device that you can clip on to your clothing, and while you move about throughout the day, it will track your steps taken, miles walked, floors climbed, calories burned, hours slept at night, then give you an overall fitness score on how well you are doing each day. 

I know, pretty, right?

Personally, I love it. It gives me more motivation to keep moving, and I love when the little flower stem is as high as it can go -- that’s what tells me I have a high fitness score. 

I would love to say that these pictures are of my FitBit and I’m showing off how active I have been. But, I can’t. Not because I lost the actual FitBit. Because I lost its charger. A while ago. Needless to say, the FitBit is dead and doesn’t even turn on anymore. And all my great active statistics have just fallen from the sky and crash landed in a fiery burst of destruction. But slightly less dramatic. 

I’ve been searching for it everywhere. And really, the only logical places it could be would be somewhere in my room or in one of my bags. And I’ve searched them all. 

I really miss wearing it every day and checking in to see how I’m doing. I also miss receiving badges of honor and wearing them proudly for each milestone, like lifetime floors climbed and miles walked. Sigh.

I’ve been contemplating just buying a new charger. However, I know that the second I do, the second I purchase a new one, the old one will turn up. I know it. Because that’s how life works. I guess there's no harm in having a backup, right?

Monday, February 25, 2013

TurboFire Update! Week 6

Hello there! Oops, it's been while since I've written about anything my TurboFire progress. I'll update you in a second, but first...

Did you notice anything different? No, it's not my lovely new haircut. Okay, well, I did get a haircut, but that's not it. No, I didn't get a pretty new outfit. Although I did get awesome new sneakers, but that's not it either.

If you said a new blog layout, why, yes, you are correct! Do you like it? I thought it was time for something new. Did I mention this in another post already? Sorry, I just felt like it was worth mentioning again.

So, TurboFire! It's pretty freakin' awesome. It's so much fun, and it makes me feel like a champion when I finish each workout.

Do you remember when I said I had trouble with the Core 20 workout, because of the standing ab moves, and that I didn't feel anything? I've done this workout several times since then, and I've been trying to work on that, and really engage my core and my abs when I do this workout, but I just can't get the hang of it. I'm getting really frustrated because I feel like I'm not getting the most out of this workout, and I could be getting better results and improving even more if I could get this down. Dan has tried to help me out, but I either can't grasp the concept, or my core is too weak to begin with and I can't flex those muscles, or he just not explaining it in a way that makes sense to me. I don't know. Hopefully by the end of this program I can finally do it.

This is the beginning of week 6, and I'm still starting new workouts, which is awesome. I like that the workouts are switched up and it doesn't repeat the same one every day. Some of the music isn't really my style, but when I'm in the middle of a workout and pouring sweat and just focusing on form and getting the best workout I can, the music is one of the last things on my mind and I don't even really pay attention to it that much. Although, I know I would definitely notice if it wasn't there. It helps to get me moving. Otherwise it would be boring.

I actually forgot to take Before pictures at the beginning of starting TurboFire, so I'm comparing to the first ones I took, even though they were taken quite some time ago. I also forgot to take pictures at the 30 day mark, so I'm going to take them at the end of this week instead. Hopefully there will be visible results, because I really want that bikini body this summer, and I'm working hard to get it. One day at a time. Of course, I have to always remember my nutrition and eat as clean as I can, because that's where at least 75% of the results will come from. Thank God for Shakeology! I'm not sure I will be comfortable posting my pics for all the world to see, but I will let you know of the changes.

I really like the HIIT workouts. They're short, but high intensity so I'm still able to get a great workout in a short amount of time. I'm still using the "New to Class" option to learn the moves on most days, so it makes them longer (on non-HIIT days), but hopefully I won't have to do that pretty soon.

I do feel like I'm getting great cardio conditioning, and my legs are probably stronger because of the all the lunging, squatting, and jumping, but I don't feel that my upper body gets much of a workout. I want to do more, so I'm going to invest in some weighted gloves so I'm able to put more into each move.

Well, I think that's all for now! I plan to not be such a slacker about writing, so I will update more often on my TurboFire progress. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Epiphany: Okay, I'm Totally Lame

I got my workout in fairly early after work yesterday. I teach part-time, so I leave earlier than the school day is actually over.

I arrived home, settled in, got a few things done, then got my TurboFire on. Yesterday was Low HIIT 25 and Stretch 10. This workout was mostly all HIITs back to back, with short rest periods in between each.

Chalene's favorite motivational phrase to tell us is, "You're not tired!" She tells us we can keep going, we can do it, we're amazing. Somewhere in the middle of this workout, she said, "Tell yourself you can do anything!"

So, I did. I actually said aloud to myself, "I can do anything." Well, it was more like, "Ican (breath) doany (breath) thing."

Do you know what happened after I said that to myself? Well, I'll tell you. I was kind of holding back tears.

I know, I'm totally lame. But you know what? I had a minor epiphany at that moment. Not only that I'm totally lame, but I realized that I almost never talk to myself this way: positively. I almost never tell myself I can do it, or that I can push a little harder, or I can accomplish my goals. Instead, I'm used to listening to that little negative voice that tells me I'm too tired, or it hurts too much, or to take another break.

Chalene basically said that the way we talk to ourselves is the way we are going to perform. Why? Because that's what we'll believe. If I tell myself I'm too tired, then I will be, and I'll stop. If I tell myself I need another break, I'll take it, instead of motivating myself and giving it that little extra push to keep going. And it's absolutely true. Why do we do this to ourselves?

I never told myself, "I can do it; I can do anything." Just saying it once, out loud, ignited a little spark inside me. Repeating it again gave that little spark a flame.

The flame grew a little higher, and a little fiercer. I pushed myself a little harder. I jumped a little higher, I squatted a little lower, and I ran a little faster. And I brought it.

We need to stop putting ourselves down. We need to tell ourselves we are capable of anything. Whatever goal you are after, whatever dream you want to accomplish, you can succeed. You have to tell yourself you can, and you will. Even if you don't believe it yet, it's okay. Keep encouraging yourself. You can do it. And you will believe it. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you speak positively to yourself and believe you have what it takes.

What lies do you tell yourself that hold you back?
Get those negative thoughts out of your head. Turn them into positive ones instead. Then get out there and accomplish those goals and dreams.

I'm too tired. I have tons of energy, and working out gives me energy.
I'm too out of shape. I'm working toward my goals and getting better every day.
I'm stupid. I am intelligent.
I'm ugly. I am beautiful, inside and out.
I'm not talented enough. I am talented, and have so much to give to the world.
I can't do it. I can do anything.

My Immune System Rocks!

Back at Mama Kat's Weekly Writing Prompts! I know, I know, it's been forever. But I'm back this week! Out of the 5 possible prompts, I chose number three:

The last time you were sick...

Oh, boy, let's hope I can remember that far back (yes, it's really been that long).

Before I dive in, I think I should ask your opinion. Do you consider getting a cold as being sick? I think most people do, but I do not. The reason for that is when I get a cold, they usually last a day or two and then they're gone, while everyone else I know has them for weeks. Additionally, my symptoms aren't even that terrible. I'll only have one, or a couple. A sore throat and a slightly stuffy nose. A mild headache caused by a cough. A runny nose. Then, after a day or two, they disappear, so I feel like I was never really sick at all.

Therefore, this post won't be about a cold I've had for the last few weeks that won't go away.

Nor will it be about getting hit with the flu, because it is a state of emergency because of the ridiculous number of people who actually have had it or currently have it. I've still never, and I've also never gotten the shot that I can recall.

Nor will it be about catching mono from my boyfriend two years ago when he had it, because I still saw him all the time, took care of him, and still kissed him.

My immune system rocks.

However, there was this one time...

I was nine years old, and in the 4th grade. I don't know how I became ill, but I did, and it was terrible.

My body somehow contracted Bronchitis. It was either a severe case, or I also had something else simultaneously, because I don't think the symptoms I had were all common with Bronchitis. I don't remember everything, but I do remember not being able to eat, throwing up, and being so weak that I couldn't even get myself to the bathroom on my own. My mom literally carried me.

I spent that week in my mom's bed, sleeping, reading, sleeping, and paging my mom if I needed something. Yep, those were the days of the pager, and she wanted me to page her so I didn't have to yell down the stairs or get up myself when I couldn't even stand on my own two feet.

I think I missed four days of school. And then it was over.

That was 15 years ago. I haven't been sick like that since. Again, I don't really consider having a cold to be sick, since they only last a few days for me, sometimes even just one.

When was the last time you were sick? What was it? How bad was it? Do you consider having a cold being sick? 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TurboFire: Week 1

Hey there! Of course, once I say that I will try to post every other day, other things get in the way and I get delayed. Sigh. But, here I am! A few days late, sure, but here nonetheless.

As I said in the previous post, Wednesday was supposed to be the rest day, but it felt awkward to have it in the middle of the week, so I planned to postpone it. I say planned to, because it only lasted one more day, and I accidentally ended up taking two rest days in a row; Thursday and Friday. Oops.

So on Saturday I completed what was supposed to be Friday's workout since it was different from the Fire Starter Class I had already done, then continued with the schedule Sunday and Monday. Doing Friday's workout on Saturday, I got my heart rate up to 200 bpm! I hope that's normal.

Sunday was Core 20 and Stretch 40. The Core 20 was all about working the core: abs, torso, and spine. Having a strong core is necessary for all types of workouts, and helps strengthen the rest of your body as well. It started with standing core and ab work, then moved to the floor. This workout also utilizes a resistance band to add difficulty and intensity. I don't think I was doing the standing exercises correctly, because I couldn't really feel any of the moves; it was like I wasn't working them. My form can't be right, so that's something I need to work on with this day.

Afterward, the Stretch 40 was basically a yoga class. Let me just tell you... I hate yoga. Really hate it. I despise it, actually. It's also in the P90X routine, and I couldn't get through it. I know it's necessary. I know I need to work on my flexibility, and I know yoga will help me lean out even more. But for some reason, I can't force myself to stay through an entire yoga workout. It bores me. I don't mind stretching, but I need movement. Some of the moves are just torturous. Plus, I feel like a baby cow trying to stand for the first time. I know, if I do it more and get through it and practice, I'll get better and stronger. But... ugh.

Are you with me? Do you hate yoga too? Or do you love it?

Yesterday, Monday, was crazy! It was Fire 55 EZ Class, but as long as you are working hard, there is nothing "EZ" about it! It can get pretty intense, but TurboFire is probably the most fun workout I've ever done. This one also included two fire drills, which, if you recall from one of my other posts, are minute-long drills of the routine pushing as hard as you can to get your heart rate up and burn more calories -- HIIT workouts. Except that Chalene lies on this one. It's really a minute and 12 seconds.

I was definitely dripping sweat after this one. I think today will be a little less intense, but as always, still fun. I can't wait to see what today has in store!

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