Skeptical? Testimonials

Still not convinced of the success Beachbody brings? That's okay! I'm glad you are doing your research before you jump into anything that you are unsure of and that you want to know is right for you. That's why I am listing below written, direct quotes from my fellow team members, both coaches and customers, who have benefitted from one or more of Beachbody's products.


Candi Harris: I love Shakeology because of all the vitamins/nutrients you get. I do not have to take a vitamin and take extra separate vitamins to get all of my supplements. It is my favorite breakfast in the world and when I drink it I have so much more energy throughout the day.

Carl Daikeler (Our CEO)Seriously, Shakeology has no comparison. Other shakes may try to sound like Shakeology, Look like Shakeology, and pretend to be as good for you as Shakeology. But if you look close you can see the difference. And once you try it, you will FEEL why it is the fastest growing product at Beachbody. We didn’t cut any corners. The ingredients on the label are at incredibly effective levels. No lip service in this formulation; It’s the premium shake because it’s premium quality. And your body will thank you for it with more energy, renewed regularity, weight loss, and a sense of well-being that you only get when your body has been truly “fed” the nutrition it has been missing. Take it from a veggie-phobe, this shake is saving my life from the eating habits of a second-grader. Shakeology… It does a body better! - Carl Daikeler

Wendy SantiagoPeople keep asking "why are you so crazy about Shakeology, its so expensive, is it really worth it???" Well to me my life is worth it, every single penny of it and then some and here is why...

1-I have suffered with IBS for years; had it so bad I had to take prescription meds for it and thanks to Shakeology I don't take the meds any more. Shakeology finally put me back in control of my symptoms; I can eat what I want, no more watching what I eat under a microscope...

2-I have suffered from iron deficiency anemia since I was born. At times I had it so bad I needed blood transfussions, and thanks to Shakeology my blood work has never been better, my H/H are normal, no more iron pills, no more extra vitamins, just 1 yummy glass of Shakeology a day and my health is the best it's ever been...

3-My mom means the world to me, she suffers from fibromyalgia she was having a hard time sleeping, she had to take pills or would not be able to sleep. Since being on Shakeology she can sleep again, she tells me almost every day how much she enjoys her shake cuz it helps her sleep and gives her energy plus its good for her, her health according to her blood work and her doctor has improved so much her doctor told her what ever it is you are doing DO NOT STOP!!! Plus she is no longer popping pills like candy and she is losing weight!

4. I have met personally a few people who had been diabetic and on insulin shots for years and after being on Shakeology were able to go from taking insulin shots daily to taking insulin pills instead, that is HUGE!!! Shakeology has a lower glycemic index than an apple.

5-I have met people with Cancer who thanks to Shakeology have survived the many side effects of radiation and chemo. Shakeology was their lifeline.

So why do I swear by Shakeology for all the reasons I just listed PLUS its helped me lose weight, it helps me sleep better, it gives me more energy, its cleared my acne, its made my hair and nails grow longer and healthier, its helped me with my depression along with my anti-depressants and so much more, I can go on and on why to me Shakeology is worth its price in gold... so when people ask me is Shakeology really worth it, HELL YEA it's worth it. $4 a day for a shake that's changed my life... It is totally worth it!!!

Barbie Figueroa: I started out at 225 lbs and was desperately seeking some sort of meal replacement that I could stick to and not quit like all the other 'shakes' I'd tried in the past.
My fast food eating habits were slowly degenerating me and it was like a drug I couldn't quit.

Shakeology's ingredients impressed me enough to want to do something, and so I resistantly tried it... To my surprise and my delight it actually tasted great! It kept me full and it had no chalky aftertaste. Immediately I noticed the change in my energy and my desire for junk food and fast food began to finally die away.

It helped me jumpstart the first 10 pounds which I never thought I could get off... At that high of a weight, it's so hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

People don't quite understand our passion behind it, but just try walking into a healthfood store to get just a fraction of some of the superfood ingredients in Shakeology, and affordability would definitely be an issue. I see Shakeology as an affordable luxury! We are so lucky to have this quality product at this price.

I could not 'afford' it either when I first bought it, or so I thought, but thanks to Shakeology I've saved hundreds of dollars on NOT eating crap and I haven't been to a fast food place in over 9 months!!

As far as I'm concerned, it is now part of my healthy and happy lifestyle and that makes it worth every penny!

Aneaya Sorensen: I am so thankful I took the jump and bought Shakeology. I have only been on it 3 weeks now and in that three weeks I can already see all the changes for the better. I'm happier. I have more energy. I am more alert. I didn't change my choice in food, but one shake a day of Shakeology has 'been curving my appetite and really helping me WANT healthier foods. The thought of a hamburger isnt appealing to me anymore. I have also started losing the weight I have so desperately tried to lose over the past several years.
My mother is also using Shakeology and she is a diabetic. She has been on it two weeks and already seeing changes as well. It fills her up, it's delicious and she is loving making new recipes every day. She doesn't workout (never had the time or energy to) and she is already losing weight. Once she gets more weight off she will start walking more like she used to.
What Shakeology does for me and my mother... means the world to me. To see my mom making a change for healthier living and to see that I am also putting ME first so my children can have a happier healthier life with their's ALL WORTH IT TO ME!!!

MyselfFrom the very first DAY I started drinking Shakeology, I noticed a difference. In one day, my digestion was improving. It was better, faster, and healthier. After a few days, I noticed I had more energy. I was able to do my workouts more efficiently, and I was less tired when I was done. I am a pretty picky eater, and I really can't cook, so replacing one meal with Shakeology has helped me tremendously. That's one less meal I have to think about, and with all the great ingredients, I knew I was making it the healthiest and best thing for me. I drink it for breakfast so I start my day off the healthiest way possible, and it makes me want to continue that pattern the rest of the day. One of the biggest things it has done for me is reduce my cravings! I have such a sweet tooth, and I could never resist my favorite snacks and desserts before; my biggest one being ice cream (seriously, it's like crack to me). Since drinking Shakeology, I noticed right away that my cravings have reduced DRASTICALLY. Not only because of the amazing ingredients, but because I feel like I am drinking a milkshake every day, so I don't have the super cravings for sweets and ice cream like I used to. Which in turn AGAIN helps me stay on the pattern of eating healthier foods! It has even helped my hair and nails! They are stronger and grow faster. I feel like I'm cutting my nails every week! And I, too, thought it was too expensive at first. But I realized the great value in it, and $4 a day compared to anything else I was eating actually has saved me money in the long run, AND I'm putting the healthiest thing possible in my body, rather than something fried or greasy with no nutritional value. My mom has also recently started drinking it, and before this she was completely addicted to coffee. She is a nurse, working 12 hour shifts, and just recently she told me that while she works, she noticed she doesn't feel the need to go get a second cup of coffee anymore. That is HUGE! And at that point she had only been drinking it for a week or two. She is down to one cup a day, and soon maybe NONE. Shakeology has done wonderful, magnificent things for myself and for my family. It is completely, totally, and absolutely WORTH IT.

Lisa Clark: In 1992 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia as I started having pains all over my body. Achy, and tired all the time. As the years went on with my new diagnosis the pains got worse and the fatigue got bad.

My Dr tried many medications and new medications came out and clinical trials to try and get my pain under control, yet nothing worked, and I hated feeling "drugged" all the time. I even
 tried accupuncture, and massage therapy was excruciatingly painful. And well hypnosis didn't work either.

In 2004 I started using a forearm crutch to assist me in walking. This was devistating because I used to be a competitive long distance swimmer and was so active all the time. And now I couldn't even play with my kids.

There are some that say that surgery exacerbates fibromyalgia and I have had seven since 1999- 2009, and in 2007 I humbled myself and sat myself in a wheelchair for the days that the forearm crutch couldn't help me because I couldn't even stand up or sit down or have the strength to grasp the crutch. I used to crawl up and down the stairs.

In 2009 I convinced myself there had to be something out there that could help and all the research said was excercise.. and I thought how can I when I can barely walk on most days.

In February of 2010 I started a workout program and my coach suggested that I start drinking a shake called Shakeology. It would give me energy and help me lose weight and it had all this good nutrition. I said ok.. can't hurt right?

Never did I ever imagine that my energy did come back! I was able to do more and longer workouts and didn't have to rest 2-4 days in agony from working out.

But my number one dream and prayer had happened.. one day and I can't remember when it happened... I woke up without a single ounce of pain! This was one of the single most happiest moments of my life! And since I started drinking Shakeology I have stopped taking all medication. No more pain medications, my mood was better, my energy was incredible. And NO FLAIR UPS!

In the fall of 2010 my boys who were entering 9th grade, and were on the cross country team in school... and I.. yes I was the assistant coach of Boys Cross Country!!. It wasnt that long ago that I was in a wheelchair and I was outside everyday in all of the nasty fall weather of Central New York running!

Today I can play with my kids and I am an any day soon to be grandma.. I can run in the fields, and on the roads of the countryside, and today I workout with high impact cardio workouts and muscle building.. and do 5 sets of 10 pullups.

The nutrition and the quality of the shakes is undeniable and unsurpassed. And everyday I am blessed for the quality of life I have now... and its all because I drink Shakeology .. it literally has been life changing. And to think where I would be if I never tried it.... still in pain.

Thank you for being part of the Beachbody Coaching Team!


Tara Athmer: I'm a Beachbody newbie, but the Insanity workout has completely changed my opinion of at-home workouts. I thought I had to hit a gym to get a quality workout. I was very wrong. I've never had a workout anywhere that is the quality of Insanity. Before I started Insanity, I was losing my newfound love of fitness and healthy living. I was bored and burned out. Now, I'm revitalized. Insanity has given me energy and strength I never knew in had. The program showed me that I can do the workouts in the infomercials, and I don't have to just watch them on TV while thinking, "I wish I could do that." I now know I CAN do that!


Eddie Rodriguez Jr.: What I like about the power 90 is that it's simple exercises that causes you to burn a lot in just a short period of time. It's easy to do at home and it's easy to fit in your schedule. I started to feel stronger and less sluggish as I continued doing it.


Sherry Inman: Beachbody has changed my life. They provided me with the best workout program and helped me lose 40 pounds of flab and 25 inches off my body. They provide me with a delicious chocolate meal every day that helps curb my cravings, lose weight, and have more energy. they have provided me a way to make a solid supplemental residual income that will eventually turn into my full time job. They have provided me with every single tool I need to be successful, and to help others be successful in both weight loss AND income. This company is the best, ever, hands down.

Chris Potter: 
I've been using Beachbody products Since January 2011. In that time [to October 2011], I've lost over 40 pounds and 9 inches off my waist. I have achieved a fitness level equal or greater than what I had when I was 18 years old. That was 25 years ago! The best part is, you don't have to think about anything - you just have to decide and commit to your program and you will succeed. The nutrition plans that are included with the programs are reasonable and easy to follow. The online support groups and coaches inspire and motivate you and keep you on track. Those things alone are intangibles you will not get from a gym or a personal trainer. Lastly, Shakeology is truly "the secret weapon" when it comes to nutrition, controlling your hunger and satisfying your sweet tooth. In under 60 seconds, you are enjoying the best tasting meal replacement out there. Don't have time to eat healthy? Shakeology is the easy answer!

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