Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Crazies: The Sequel

Some of you may remember a previous story about The Crazies (again, not the movie) involving some maniacs, cable issues and a telephone pole. If not, you should read it... it's quite entertaining, really.

I have a new story for you all! This occurred last weekend.

We have tons of trees on our property, so needless to say, we also have even more leaves falling all over the place. We have a small side yard next to our long, winding driveway, where we rake the leaves and bag them. The front yard, to the left of the driveway, is where my stepfather, Lee, just uses his ride-on lawnmower to crush the leaves into a zillion tiny pieces rather than having to pick them up. The Crazies have many times before accused us of purposely putting things on their oh-so-precious property, whether it be leaves, cable workers, or ourselves.

My mom was using the leaf blower to push all the leaves onto the middle of the lawn, so Lee could crush them. On the left side of the yard, where the two property lines meet, my neighbors and us have our own fences separating us. If you've never used a leaf blower to get leaves away from a fence and in the opposite direction, it's a little difficult. You need to go from the side and try to get behind them and it can be pretty annoying.

So my mom is by the fence doing her thing, when she thinks she hears a knocking on the fence. Which had to be pretty damn hard and loud knocking for her to hear it over the noise of the blower. She turned off the blower, to which "Amy" started yelling, "Turn off that blower! Stop that blowing!" Why? I have no damn idea. I would have ignored her and continued, but my mom saw it fit to respond with a certain profanity before continuing.

Lee was also outside, and he started hysterically laughing, so "Aaron" must have said something to him as well, but my mom didn't hear what it was. She continued with the leaf blower, moving down the fence toward the driveway.

Once at the bottom of the driveway, blowing the leaves onto our own yard, Amy ran down to the bottom of the driveway where ours connects, and began taking pictures of my mom using the leaf blower. WTF?! My mom said to her, "Oh please, when have I ever purposely put anything on your driveway?" Of course Amy doesn't listen to anything and continued snapping away, so my mom yelled, "Take a picture of this!" and gave her the finger. She did indeed, take a picture of that too. So my mom then purposely blew some leaves on their driveway and walked away.

I really shouldn't be surprised anymore.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shakeology Cleanse: Day 3

This is the last day of the cleanse! The part that was the worst for me was drinking the green tea. Ugh I hate it! I'm glad this is the last day of it. But, I'm very glad that I'm doing this cleanse.

Update: I've lost another pound since yesterday. I can feel that a lot of the toxins are gone in my system, and this last day will flush the rest out. I am actually really surprised by how well this is working. I just can't wait to eat some real solid food again tomorrow! ;-)

Day 3 weight: 142.6

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shakeology Cleanse: Day 2

The cleanse is going pretty well, although I'm a bit hungry sometimes. Drinking a lot of water helps curb my appetite though, and I only have a day and a half left! (That's what I tell myself when I start feeling hungry.)

I was pretty hungry last night, but I don't think I drank enough water, so that changed today and I'm feeling better. My stomach is still a little bloated, but it's feeling better and I love that I am getting rid of all the toxins and junk in my system.

Plus, I just weighed myself, and I'm down 3 pounds since yesterday! Wow! I was hoping for maybe 5 total; I'm surprised how well this works!

Day 2 weight: 143.6

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