Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TurboFire: Week 1

Hey there! Of course, once I say that I will try to post every other day, other things get in the way and I get delayed. Sigh. But, here I am! A few days late, sure, but here nonetheless.

As I said in the previous post, Wednesday was supposed to be the rest day, but it felt awkward to have it in the middle of the week, so I planned to postpone it. I say planned to, because it only lasted one more day, and I accidentally ended up taking two rest days in a row; Thursday and Friday. Oops.

So on Saturday I completed what was supposed to be Friday's workout since it was different from the Fire Starter Class I had already done, then continued with the schedule Sunday and Monday. Doing Friday's workout on Saturday, I got my heart rate up to 200 bpm! I hope that's normal.

Sunday was Core 20 and Stretch 40. The Core 20 was all about working the core: abs, torso, and spine. Having a strong core is necessary for all types of workouts, and helps strengthen the rest of your body as well. It started with standing core and ab work, then moved to the floor. This workout also utilizes a resistance band to add difficulty and intensity. I don't think I was doing the standing exercises correctly, because I couldn't really feel any of the moves; it was like I wasn't working them. My form can't be right, so that's something I need to work on with this day.

Afterward, the Stretch 40 was basically a yoga class. Let me just tell you... I hate yoga. Really hate it. I despise it, actually. It's also in the P90X routine, and I couldn't get through it. I know it's necessary. I know I need to work on my flexibility, and I know yoga will help me lean out even more. But for some reason, I can't force myself to stay through an entire yoga workout. It bores me. I don't mind stretching, but I need movement. Some of the moves are just torturous. Plus, I feel like a baby cow trying to stand for the first time. I know, if I do it more and get through it and practice, I'll get better and stronger. But... ugh.

Are you with me? Do you hate yoga too? Or do you love it?

Yesterday, Monday, was crazy! It was Fire 55 EZ Class, but as long as you are working hard, there is nothing "EZ" about it! It can get pretty intense, but TurboFire is probably the most fun workout I've ever done. This one also included two fire drills, which, if you recall from one of my other posts, are minute-long drills of the routine pushing as hard as you can to get your heart rate up and burn more calories -- HIIT workouts. Except that Chalene lies on this one. It's really a minute and 12 seconds.

I was definitely dripping sweat after this one. I think today will be a little less intense, but as always, still fun. I can't wait to see what today has in store!

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